Welcome to Five Star NDT Management Company

Five Star NDT Export Management Company is the only true Export Management and Trading Company working exclusively in Mexico.  We export, market and sell U.S.A. manufactured goods and products to clubs, major grocery chains and retail stores in Mexico. We are actively looking for new innovative product lines, as well as established branded products and lines, to sell into Mexico. 

With over 17 years experience in running and operating factories in Mexico, our background has given us the expertise not only in the operating and manufacturing sector, but also in the selling and marketing of products in Mexico.  Our strength lies with our management who possess first hand knowledge of the many idiosyncrasies and bureaucratic components of doing business in Mexico. Five Star is unique in that we handle both receivables and payables, as well as have extensive knowledge of customs, duties, taxes and NAFTA regulations, ensures a safer and easier business climate for selling products in Mexico.

We purchase and pay in the USA.