Our company focuses its principals’ 27 years of expertise in trade with Mexico, to market products that can be readily identified as USA-made products. We target the growing middle to upper class population demographic in Mexico’s major cities because of NAFTA and the Petro-dollars.

There is also an ever increasing population of Americans moving to various parts of Mexico, to take advantage of the lower cost of living. Both of these demographic groups want and are demanding American-made food and HBC products, due to the perception of their superior quality. Our vision is to build a solid base of branded and private labeled items from the USA, for both Mexico and ultimately throughout Central America.


Brenda Mezabrenda

Director of International Sales

Since 2005, Meza, who is fluent in Spanish,  has been sales director, providing high-quality customer service and a positive company image.

Meza provides broker representation to both the club and retail store industry businesses in Mexico. She has developed relationships within the corporate accounts in the frozen, dairy, and grocery industries and worked directly with customers and client managers to plan new promotions and distribution strategies. She assists our manufacturers in proper packaging, pricing and development of new items to fill the retail needs and demands of our Mexican retailers.

Prior to Five Star, Meza was the Sales Manager at North American Marketing.

Meza has a BA in Marketing from Instituto Tecnologico de Hermosillo (Hermosillo,Son,Mex).

Matthew Craig LeRoy matt


LeRoy began his International work experience as Director of Production Planning and Control at Sinomex SA de CV.  A ground breaking manufacturing venture in Hermosillo, Mexico, it was set up as a doll factory and plastic injection molder in the high volume, low margin toy industry.  LeRoy was able to organize personnel and implement new policies and procedures that resulted in company growth from sales of $350,000 to $30 million dollars in just three years.

LeRoy later partnered to form Baja Plastics, a bi-national operation with a sales office in San Diego, CA and a Mexican facility in Monterrey, Mexico, which focused on both contract and OEM toy manufacturing, and had first year sales of $3 million.

His accomplishments include creating a patented Five Star Test Panels for Non-DestructiveTesting utilized by the aerospace and aeronautical industry. He later developed and financed a child identification safety product called CLOOZid, which received national recognition and the endorsement from the National Association of Chief of Police; of a line of baby products, shampoos, and soaps known as (Esplendor, Saten and Cubbie Care) which he successfully marketed domestically and internationally.

LeRoy holds a Degree in Political Science, Major in Law.